Things I Currently Enjoy

7 09 2008

I’m trying to avoid rants, as I feel I have engaged in many of them, both here on the blog and in real life. The opposite of a rant: enjoyment. There’s a lot I’m currently enjoying, in no particular order:

My mom’s side of the family is Sicilian, so there’s a large portion of my family who has that flawless olive skin that tans beautifully and never has a blemish. I did not inherit such skin and am engaged in a constant battle to keep my pores under control. I love The Body Shop’s Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliant. It’s a little pricey at $12 a tube, but it lasts for a good while and since I’m pretty close to bald, I can move the money I would spend on shampoo to skincare. It’s been part of my morning routine for a while now and still leaves my skin feeling tingy and clean. Totally  worth it.

On my last trip to the grocery, I happened upon Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Basil Laudry Soap. I’ve always been drawn to her graphics, clean scents, and commitment to Earth-friendly products. The Basil is a new scent that is absolutely amazing: clean and crisp and intoxicating enough that I left the store with a bottle of this $12 detergent under my arm. I can’t even justify this purchase with quantity: it only washes 32 loads – but those 32 loads will be the best-smelling loads ever. Definitely a guilty pleasure, I use it to wash my sheets and towels and they are just amazing. Sometimes, it’s worth it? And if I only do one load of sheets and towels a week, the bottle will last 32 weeks… (I haven’t finished my attempts to justify the purchase…)

I never quite got into Doctor Who, even after Steven Moffat (creator and writer of the hilarious UK series Coupling – and who had an unfortunate hand in the mess of a show known as Coupling on NBC a while back) moved on to write several epsiodes for the series. Several of my friends are die-hard Who fans and kept talking about Torchwood, a spin-off of sorts from Doctor Who. I finally got the first season on DVD through my local library and am three episodes into. At this point, I can say I’m totally, ridiculously hooked, if only to gaze at Captain Jack Harkness for an hour. It’s something like Buffy, except with aliens and a majority of British accents. Fun, fun, fun.

Tim Stark grows heirloom tomatoes on his farm in Pennsylania, delivering his crops to some of the most talked about restaurants in New York City. His collection of essays about his passion, growing tomatoes with history, is a nicely written, light read. His voice is engaging and casual, his stories lively and full-bodied. I’ve been retreating into this book in between articles and chapters for class and it’s been a lovely agricultural escape and nice addition to the other books I’ve read about food this summer.

So, having read about heirloom tomatoes for so long, I had to buy some at this weekend’s farmer’s market, along with some lovely eggplants, cucumbers, and peppers. I have visions of roasted eggplants, vinegarette salads and various goodness in mind this week. I also bought some really yummy Asian pears, which I surprised to learn would keep for months as long as they were refrigerated. Even better: they are grown locally, despite their exotic name. They also have this irresistable crunch I’ve been enjoying all weekend – I need to not enjoy it so much that I run out of them…

And last, but not least: Dar. Her new CD comes out on Tuesday and I’m pretty psyched for it. I’ve been listening to It’s Alright repeatedly on my iPod and she’ll be in Indianapolis later this month for a concert at The Vogue. There’s a group of us going to see her, our first real outting of the semester. I can’t decide what I’m more excited for: Dar or an evening out with some pretty great people.




One response

10 09 2008

Basil laundry soap? That sounds awesome! I would splurge for that. Totally.

Will have to check out the new Dar album.

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