Someone, Somewhere

3 09 2008

The first day of school is old hat for me; I’ve had so many first days on college campuses that they’ve become quotidian. There’s still the excitement of new syllabuses, the thought of new knowledge to be learned and created, but I’ve recovered from my Rory Gilmore-esque excitement over the first days of classes. I’m much more calm now, at least on the outside.

The thought that struck me, however, as I walked from one end of the campus to the other was that for someone traversing the campus green this was their first day of college. This could very well be their first day at an institution of higher learning and the thought put a little bit of a spring in my step, hoping they had some of that passion I remember in those first days as a student at Michigan State. I believed anything was possible, that there were nothing but options – and still do, although I’ve whittled down what I want to do with my life a bit. Just a little.

And so it starts.




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