Much Further to Go

1 09 2008

I took on teaching another class at the last minute so the majority of my final week of summer has been filled with preparing syllabuses, coordinating assignments and designing rubrics. There were a few days where I missed out on sleep entirely, the anxiety of preparing for two disparate classes getting the better of me. The weight was lifted on Friday when I dropped a pile of articles, book chapters, assignment sheets and the syllabus off to be copied at the copy center, leaving the rest of the long weekend to get myself ready for Tuesday and the onslaught of classes.

Yesterday had been designated errands day. I haven’t actually shopped for groceries since arriving back in Bton from being away and both my icebox and pantry were in horrible condition. In addition, I was running low on cleaning supplies and had planned on spending Sunday afternoon cleaning my bathroom from top to bottom – exciting, I know. Anyway, my Sunday was spent out and about running to this place and that, collecting all the necessary items I had compiled on my list. It was one of those wonderful summer days that was so temperate and lovely it made you ache a little to think of the encroaching fall; the temperature in the mid-eighties, the sun was brilliant in the sky, and I truly enjoyed simply driving from one location to the next, windows rolled down and sunroof wide open.

Rosie Thomas’s These Friends of Mine was in the CD player. It’s a beautiful CD, a testament to her time in NYC and her friendships, and track number four, Much Further To Go, never ceases to be captivating. Between the grocery and Target, I listened to the song three times in succession. It’s a song about much: love, loss, finding one’s way in the world. There’s even a banjo, played by none other than Sufjan Stevens; any song that combines strings with a banjo is brilliant in my head.

The past week has been devoted to planning, to designing syllabuses and easing the nerves of new graduate students. I’ve been thinking about my own path as a student, as a researcher and someone in the larger world and the person I want to become. Perhaps with all this thinking about transformation it’s no wonder I got goosebumps along my arms when Rosie refrains, I have much farther to go / Everything is new and so unpredictable / I should just kick my heels together and go home / But I don’t know where that is anymore.

And that, in a nutshell, is my life.

MP3 :: Much Farther To Go

Buy :: These Friends of Mine




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