In Which He Returns Home

12 08 2008

After twenty-four days and 2,962 miles, I’m in my own bed. I have never missed my hard-as-a-rock bed so much. And pillows. Oh, piles of pillows, how sweet you are!

I’m really fortunate that I had the opportunity to leave for all that time and spend time with friends and family, visit new spaces and revisit favorites, and give myself time to think. I’m a little too much like my father in that respect: I like driving, it promotes thinking.

I’m constantly amazed at my friends, how they grow and evolve into these even more amazing versions of themselves. Even more amazing is how our lives are transforming: we’re in graduate schools, having children, buying houses, getting married. Perhaps these changes are simply amazing because I can remember the Before, the nights we spent in study lounges preparing for exams, midnight trips to Meijer, ordering pizza at three in the morning simply because Gumby’s delivered and we were in the mood for Pokey Sticks. It’s not that we’re old but we’ve finally struck that age where we are aware of the wake we have left as we cut through the waters. We have histories, ghosts.

We also have futures. Some of us seem to be moving toward them more quickly than others while some have reached some state of stasis, attempting to calculate our next moves. The past three weeks have been exhausting but totally worth reconnecting with those friends I was able to visit while away. I’m excited at the directions their lives are taking, the direction my own life is taking, and sharing these experiences as we go along.

And I have returned home, where I need to live bravely and thoughtfully so I may have wonderful stories to tell my friends when they come calling. The school year begins in three weeks, just enough time to prepare for classes and teaching, and I’m unsure I have ever been so excited to get under way.




2 responses

13 08 2008

Oh my gosh – Gumby’s pizza (with garlicky crust) and POKEY STICKS!!! How I miss them! Darn. I’d have a devil of a time figuring out insulin:carb ratios on those now…

14 08 2008

Seriously? Gumby’s Pizza?!?!

When I was in college, Gumby’s was this really cool bar where a lot of the up-and-coming grunge bands played. The place was a total dump, and yet attracted these pretty big name bands, all the way here in Podunk, WV. Ahhhh, good times. What ever happened to that place?

Anyhoo, what/where are you teaching?

School starts for me on Monday. I’m excited, but kind of nervous. Some big changes are happening this year, and I think they will be good, but there’s always that fear that change will be disaster.

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