In Which Apple Continues a Recent Streak of Inconsistency

23 07 2008

I’ve owned an Apple computer in one form or another for about twelve years. My first laptop, a PowerBook G3, lasted me through high school and into college, where it enjoyed infamy as the same laptop used by the witty and wonderful Carrie Bradshaw.

I eventually bought a lime green iMac, which was a wonderful computer and actually still works although I store it at my aunt and uncle’s house. Anyone interested in a used iMac? After I graduated from undergrad, I invested in an iBook, which was a lovely little machine and the first computer I had full control over. It’s a bit of a horse, having traveled with me quite a bit and still running, although a bit slow. When I started graduate school last fall, I invested in a MacBook Pro, thinking the flagship of the mobile Mac line would be just as sturdy and wonderful as my previous machines.

Unfortunately, I’ve been plagued with problems. The optical drive on my laptop doesn’t always do what it needs to do and my iPod died at the young age of nine months. To add to it all, my iPhone’s touch screen stopped working last night. I was in the middle of taking a picture of a friend and couldn’t make the screen recognize my touch. When the entire interface of the device is based on the the touchscreen, a nonworking one makes it a bit difficult. I’m hoping that the Apple Store will be able to fix it on the spot. Call me cautiously optimistic.

If they can’t, however, I’m not above buying a new iPhone. I bought a GPS yesterday for the rest of my trip and, since the new iPhone has GPS, can return that device and put the refund towards the cost of the new phone. I’d rather not do this, but the plan will do in a pinch.

Oh, Apple, why have you forsaken me?




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27 07 2008

I broke down and bought an iPhone. I’ve only had it for a week, but I loooooooove it! It really does live up to the hype, IMHO, but I haven’t tried all the features, yet.

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