Knitwittery: Noro Scarf & Laptop Case / Bag

10 07 2008

I did some major knitting this past weekend and am just now getting around to writing about it. I seriously knit for so long on Saturday that my hands hurt. I didn’t realize that my hands could hurt from so much knitting!

One of the projects I finally finished was the Noro scarf. I am in love with Noro yarns; they’re self-striping so finished objects have these amazing fades from one color to the next. Knitting with two different colorways in alternating rows allows for a pretty amazing effect, although I spent the first half of the scarf perseverating over the colorways and whether they would work together or not. All in all, I’m really happy with how it came out – the colors mesh really well and it manages to be fun and whimsical. I’m also pretty happy with the 1X1 ribbing, which doubles the thickness of the scarf and ensures warmth.

I also finished the miles and miles (so it seemed) of stockinette stitch required for the laptop bag I’m making for a holiday gift. This was my first felting project so I went into it with a little hesitation but it’s been kind of fun, actually. I had pictures of the bag before felting (which essentially means I put a large bag in the washer, wash it in warm water and it felts together, shrinking pretty drastically), but something happened when I transferred them over and they’re *poof* gone. I was able to save pictures of the close-to-final product:

After felting, the top was uneven so I trimmed it, although I’m pretty sure it’s still not even. I am a little nervous about how strong the bag is so I’m going to turn it into a laptop sleeve rather than an out-and-out bag. I went to Joann Fabric yesterday and bought a vintagey print to line the inside (which seems a good idea anyway – wool + computer = static?) and just have to think about how I want to form the sleeve. I fear there may be sewing involved and at this, I am no good.

Fabric and case:

Closeup of the print:

I’m going to use brown bias on the bag to tie in with the fabric and still haven’t thought through a closure. Attempting to be crafty is a difficult. I also need to learn how to take better pictures of things…




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14 07 2008

AWESOMENESS!!!!!! I love the colors. And owls!!! Too cool!

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