Weekend In Review

23 06 2008

It’s been a busy weekend – I find myself hanging around the the apartment this morning attempting to get caught up with all the stuff I should have been doing all weekend. It was nice to be out and about, out of my head. On Friday night, I hit up the art lecture on A. R. Valentien, the Rookwood artist who was commissioned by Ellen Browning Scripps to document the flora native to San Diego county. Fascinating work that has been seen by few people since their creation and definitely worth checking out if you’re in the vicinity of the Indiana University Art Museum.

I woke early Saturday morning, running on about three hours of sleep, to head to the Bloomington Farmer’s Market. After reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and the host of other food-related books that have come out in the past few years, I’ve been making a conscious effort to buy more produce from Farmer’s Markets. I’ve, by no means, perfected this approach, but I do like the vibe of the market and was totally amazed by the beets pictured above. If beets can be sexy, these are them. A bunch of them currently reside in my fridge waiting for me to choose the perfect way to cook them. I also bought some delicious broccoli, a few bunches of green onions, some pretty delicious wax beans, zucchini, and itty-bitty tomatoes. Cheap and delicious. After the Farmer’s Market, I ran errands, dropping off library books and stopping at Yarns Unlimited to buy a set of US 3 knitting needles. The Simply Sock Yarn Company has a sale on several lovely skeins of sock yarn (some at 50% off) so I ordered several skeins and will attempt to teach myself how to make socks in the coming weeks.

The evening was spent at Taste of Bloomington with the HESA peeps. There was a nice representation of Bloomington area restaurants at the event, all selling signature dishes for three dollars or less, with live music and the opportunity to run into just about anyone and everyone. Great opportunity to try a slew of different foods for a little bit of money.

Yesterday, Tiffani and I went to Indianapolis to hit up the Apple Store and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. My MacBook has been acting up when I try to burn disks – the drive doesn’t always want to take them, which can lead to major frustration. I also needed to see what could be done about Audrey the iPod, who no longer holds a charge. We stopped at the IMA first, arriving in the midst of a downpour. The museum is pretty impressive, encompassing the art collection, gardens and Lilly collection. We only managed to get through a portion of the collection and, due to the weather and time constraints, didn’t get a chance to explore the grounds, but will be back before summer’s end.

At the Apple Store, my CD drive worked and then it didn’t. Then it worked again. And then it didn’t. It’s still under warranty, so I could have left it for a week and they would replace the optical drive but I can’t be without a computer at the current time. I think I’ll drop it off next week and have them work on it. The iPod, however, was declared totally dead and a new one is shipping to the store sometime within the week. I’m a little annoyed with getting a refurbished iPod, especially since my iPod was bought new. Regardless, an iPod that works is an iPod that works. I’ll also get the Apple Care on it while it’s still in warranty.

A busy weekend, but a welcome weekend. Off to the gym ~




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