16 06 2008

Crappy lighting, I know, but it serves as documentation of the insane, weather-ridden drive back to Bloomington yesterday. I’m at a rest stop south of Fort Wayne, frustrated and wet. Having been a horrible blogger as of late, I would have posted it earlier, but couldn’t figure out where I packed my camera cord… turns out it was never packed at all…

One nice thing about the rain is the rainbow, of which I saw not only one but two as neared Indianapolis. This was a particularly beautiful rainbow as I could see all of the colors, including blue and violet. I was able to see the entire arch of one of them and am unable to remember whether I’ve actually seen that before. Usually it’s one end of the rainbow or the other. Unfortunately, I was unable to snap a pic – as it was, taking this picture at seventy-miles an hour has hard enough. I didn’t want to chance it.

Actual update forthcoming.




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