A Saturday Morning Out and About

10 05 2008

There’s nothing quite as nerve-wracking as returning home from a morning of running around buying groceries only to find out that your power, and hence your refrigerator, is not working. It wasn’t so much the fridge I was worrying about, but the freezer, which I needed in order to save my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches from melting completely away.

But I get ahead of myself. My Saturday morning actually started at a decent hour, hoping to check off a few items from my grocery list at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s Markets are one of the joys of summer, despite the early morning-ness of them. There’s not a ton of produce available, the season just getting under way, but I did manage to leave there with lovely heads of lettuce, fragrant green onions, and eggs from happy chickens (at least according to the cartons). They also had a nice little art section this weekend, but nothing I absolutely needed. It’s summer, I am poor. My stepdad asked me about that over the phone as I left the market: If I am poor this summer, what the hell am I doing shopping at the farmer’s market when I live close to a Wal-Mart where I would be able to buy perfectly acceptable produce? I shop at the Farmer’s Market within my budget and get produce that is superior to that in the aisles of Wal-Mart. I know where this produce comes from, invest in the local economy, and, perhaps most importantly, allow an independent farm producer to continue doing what they do. It might be a little more expensive, but I build that into my budget. Additionally, there’s just something lovely about spending a morning wandering around the Market, chatting with strangers and running into people who aren’t. Perhaps I’ve read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle one too many times.

After the Farmer’s Market, I dropped my goods off at my car and walked to the library to return a slew of CDs, books, and movies I had borrowed, only to pick up more that I had requested. Nothing too heavy, although I’m excited to listen to the Allison Krauss and Robert Page album. Yeah, I’m a little behind on the music front.

I also paid a visit to my local yarn store to stock up on colors for a few upcoming projects. I’m slowly but surely knitting scarves for my loved ones for the holidays (way to plan ahead, right?) and needed to replenish my supplies. At least that’s what I told myself. Knitting is a tricky hobby, as it is one of those that actually encourages being a packrat with the yarn, always building the “stash,” as they call it. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that knitting appeals to me so: I like storing things, grouping them together by project, and then looking at how nicely they are organized. But it takes away from the actual doing… I need to keep that in mind. Must keep doing… (as I look at the half-completed scarf that sits on my desk, waiting me to return to it.)

I rounded out my morning out with a trip to the grocery store to finish my shopping list. Marsh is one of those grocery stores that, in order to appeal to the poor college students in a large college town, offers a 5% discount for said poor students on Saturday mornings. I’ve found they carry actual brands, which is nice for certain things like bread baking. I need King Arthur flour when I bake bread, not the store off-brand. It can be harder to find than it needs to be. So, yeah, I throw a bunch of things in my cart, check out, and go home only to find that the power is out. thirty minutes later and it was back up and running, but annoying all the same. This is the third time this spring that power has gone out in my apartment. I’m not looking forward to the summer.

Insights from a morning out and about:

When in the grocery store and a song you do not like comes over the speakers, changing the song on your iPod will not work. I spend way too long with earbuds in my ears.

I read somewhere that aging is something like a copying machine. Our cells copy themselves over and over a lifetime and, much like copied worksheets copied over time, they begin to look aged. Thus, death can be looked at as running out of toner.




One response

12 05 2008
PJ Hamel

Nicholas, I want to say that when I run out of toner, I hope red is the last to go… red being my favorite color. And, on behalf of my 166 fellow employee-owners, thanks for using King Arthur Flour! – PJ Hamel, test kitchen baker, King Arthur Flour

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