The Story Thus Far

7 05 2008

IU in Spring, Memorial Hall It’s official: I’m done with my first year of doctoral work. The last paper found its way into my instructor’s mailbox on Sunday and grades were submitted later that afternoon. The sense of freedom is short-lived, however, as my first summer class begins on Friday.

It’s been great, however, to have the last few days free. I’ve slowly been building my summer: when will I go to the gym, when will I read, what writing needs to be done? Strangely, this is the first summer I won’t have a single thing, aside from my one class, to do. I have four months of time to structure and need to think about how to best structure it to arrive in August feeling as though I’ve accomplished something.

I’ve started a gym routine, heading into campus around ten to run errands and grab books in the library followed by two hours of work out. After not working out at all last summer, I’ve gained back quite a bit of weight, so I’m happy to be back to having a regular work out. I guess I shouldn’t call it regular yet, having only accomplished two days of it. I’ve also started clearing the detritus of the past year from the apartment, organizing files, recycling papers that seemed important at the time, and organizing what was organized back in August when I started this thing. There’s a pile of books on my bedside, ready to be read; a new stash of yarn, ready to be knit into holiday presents; and a list of things to be accomplished over the summer. It’s going to be good.

Indiana had their primary today; I have to admit to being a bit jealous. As a Michigan resident and voter, my primary vote didn’t count. Bastard ass.




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