Give Me a Piece of Earth And Time

7 04 2008

Spring Flood

I am officially slacking. There is a pile of articles on my desk, unread. A file folder of my students’ papers, uncorrected. A kitchen uncleaned, a bed unmade. There are three weeks left before the end of the semester and I fear I have already checked out.

The weather has not helped. Friday was a downpour, an entire day of rain. I have come to believe that Bloomington may, indeed, rival Seattle in terms of downpour. An entire weekend of rain would have worked out fine. Sunshine, however, is a complete distraction. It does nothing but encourage the reading of non-required material on the patio and the urge to claim a square of Earth and plant things.

Definitely no productive good can come of this pleasant weather thing. At least not until April 25th comes around.




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